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Gioielli / DEVIANTSILVER / Argento Silver Jewelry
.: Deviant Silver :.

Sales Tel.:
+39 071 2917323
Support Tel.:
+39 071 2864306
+39 071 2901232
E-mail Sales:

E-mail Support:

E-mail DNS:


9. Form Elements

Here is an <INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE=30> element:

    Enter your name:

Here is an <INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE=20 MAXLENGTH=10> element:

    Enter something up to 10 characters long:

Here is an <INPUT TYPE="password" SIZE=8> element:

    Guess the secret word:
    Any characters typed here appear as asterisks

This is a <TEXTAREA ROWS=5 COLS=40> element:

    Your comments, please:

This is a <TEXTAREA ROWS=2 COLS=25 WRAP=soft> element:

    WRAP=soft adds word-wrap handling:

    Other options are WRAP=physical and WRAP=virtual, but it's not clear to me how these differ from WRAP=soft. Netscape 2.02 treats all three the same: if the user does not press Enter, the text is returned with spaces between words (even if the text was automatically wrapped); if the user does press Enter, a CR/LF pair (%0D%0A) is returned embedded in the text.

This is a <SELECT> element (with 5 <OPTION> elements):

    Where are you?

This is a <SELECT SIZE=5> element (with 5 <OPTION> elements, one of which is an <OPTION SELECTED> element):

    What operating system are you using right now?
    You may select only one item

This is a <SELECT SIZE=3 MULTIPLE> element (with 5 <OPTION> elements, two of which are <OPTION SELECTED> elements):

    What operating systems have you ever used?
    You may select several items

Here are two <INPUT TYPE="radio"> elements:

    What gender are you?

Here are three <INPUT TYPE="checkbox"> elements:

    Which of the following do you own?
    CD Player

Here is an <INPUT TYPE="hidden"> element (you should not see anything):

Here is an <INPUT TYPE="image"> element:

    I believe this acts like a SUBMIT button.

Here is an <INPUT TYPE="reset"> and an <INPUT TYPE="submit"> element:


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